24-Hour Emergency Passport Service

Certain people applying for a passport, particularly a lost or stolen one, do not really have the time or availability to drop by their local Passport Office and pick up their new document. Either because they are working, because they live too far away or for any number of other reasons, these people are simply […]

How To Fill Out A Passport Application Form

Passport application form

FILLING OUT A PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM The process of filling out a passport application form is a relatively simple one. Nonetheless, it brings about a number of questions and doubts, particularly from first-time applicants. This section will provide useful information on how to fill out each of the sections in a standard application form. This […]

‘Star Wars’ Name Change Rejection Had To Do With Copyright Infringement

A rejected name change in a British woman’s passport has been causing a bit of a media stir lately. Most commentators seem to be taking the alleged victim’s side, but the truth is, there are certain nuances to the tale of Laura ‘Skywalker’ Matthews which should not be ignored. The Southend 29-year-old recently tried to […]

Passports Office Shows Resolve In Face Of Strike: Extra Staff Hired To Keep Service Moving

Over the past few days, staff at the seven Passports Offices across the United Kingdom have been striking, to protest against staff shortages and the backlog of applications it has created. Reportedly, unprocessed applications across the Isles number in the tens of thousands, with Her Majesty’s Passports Office reporting the largest surge of passport requests […]