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Passport Office Exemption Service

For applicants who need their passport delivered sooner than the standard 6-8 weeks, His Majesty’s Passports Office offers two express options.

These are the Fast Track 7 Day Service and the Premium 1 Day renewal service.

Both of these services require the applicant or an authorised person to attend a Passport Office in person. Our independent organisation offers a Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service whereby we can provide the “Authorised Person” to attend the appointment on behalf of the applicant. This of course means no time or travel to a regional Passport Office (which could be 50+ miles away) is needed and no day off work / loss of a days salary is needed either.

Applicants who wish to use this service simply need to send us the paper passport application form, along with the old/current passport and two passport photographs to our South London office then once received an experienced agent will lodge the application at the London Passport Office on behalf of the applicant. If using the Premium 1 Day service, the agent can wait the 4hrs required and then either send the new passport to you via next day courier or location depending, hand deliver it to you.

This service costs £50 and and is addition to the standard admin fee payable to our third party organisation when requesting our support, this includes securing an express appointment. You can ask that we; Book You a Fast Track 1 Week Appointment here > or if you need the passport even sooner you can request we Book You a Premium 1 Day Appointment here >

Any Questions?

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