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Passport Office Exemption Service

For applicants who need their passport delivered sooner than the standard six weeks, Her Majesty’s Passports Office offers two distinct options. On the one hand, they can opt for the Fast Track alternative, which will reduce that time frame to one week; for even more urgent applications, there is the Premium service, through which the passport will arrive within one day.

Both of these, however, have one particularity: unlike the standard six-week procedure, they demand that the applicant visit one of the seven Passport Offices across the UK, for a face to face interview. Needless to say, this option may not be convenient to some applicants, since it involves constraints involving time and money that they may not possess. Applicants in this situation will be glad to know that British Passport Offices offer a service which will exempt them from this presential interview, and allow them to complete the process from home, as they would for a regular six-week passport.

Applicants who choose to contract this option with us will be sent a 04 form, along with a pre-paid Royal Mail grey bag. They should then complete the application form and return it to us, along with the standard two photographs and all of their old passports. A payment authorisation form and – for Premium deliveries – an authorisation for logging and collecting the passport should also be included.

Once we have received this package and checked that everything is in order, we will lodge the applicant in our next available appointment slot. Then, on the day of the appointment itself, an agent from our company will go to the Passports Office on behalf of the client and pay for the passport. Should it have been accepted, we will then forward the passport to the applicant via their preferred service (Fast Track or Premium.) If the application is turned down, we will forward the Office’s official explanation to the client. In either case, he or she will get updates and confirmation of pick-up via e-mail.

This is an extremely handy option for customers who are unwilling or unable to attend the face to face interview at their local Passports Office. UK Passport Services include it in most of our competitively-priced packages, along with a variety of other perks, making for a useful addition to an already attractive deal.