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There are 2 expressways to secure a passport. One is called the Fast-Track 1-Week service and the other is called the Premium 1-Day Service. These services cannot be applied for through the Post Office. Indeed, the applicant will need to attend an appointment at one of the seven offices, have an Authorized Person attend on their behalf or secure a Passport Office Appointment Exemption. Currently, there are only 7 Passport Office’s in the United Kingdom. They are located in Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London,  Newport and Peterborough.

Passport Office Locations

When taking advantage of the third party services offered by our independent organisation, applicants can choose to visit His Majesty’s Passport Office in person or simply courier their documents to our South West London office so that we can lodge the application on their behalf. This saves time, accommodation and travel expenses by not having to visit the office in person.

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You can pay for your passport and our third party service charge via this website via credit/debit card or bank transfer. If you do not require our third party services and support then you can book via gov.uk or renew via the Post Office.

You will not be seen at any of His Majesty’s Passport Offices’ without an appointment. We can secure an appointment on your behalf at any of the 7 Passport Offices as part of our optional third party services as part of one our packages. For an additional charge we can also provide an agent to attend the applicants appointment saving you both time and travel expenses.

Need the Appointment Urgently?

The fastest way of renewing your passport is via the Premium 1-Day service. We can help you secure an appointment for a Premium 1-Day service in the Office of your choice. Secure an Urgent Appointment Now >> If you do not require our third party support then you can avoid our third party services and charges by booking directly via gov.uk.