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There are 2 expressways to secure a passport. One is called the Fast-Track 1-Week service and the other is called the Premium 1-Day Service. These services cannot be applied for through the Post Office. Indeed, the applicant will need to attend an appointment at one of the seven offices, have an Authorized Person attend on their behalf or secure a Passport Office Appointment Exemption. Currently, there are only 7 Passport Office’s in the United Kingdom. They are located in Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London,  Newport and Peterborough.

Passport Office locations

When using our services, applicants can choose to visit the Passport Office in person. Or simply post their documents to our Head Office and we can lodge the application on their behalf. Thus, it saves them time, accommodation and travel expenses by not having to visit the office in person.

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 0289 560 7156Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0191 389 8109Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0141 249 0155Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0151 230 1282Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0203 701 2915Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0163 344 9604Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>


 0173 386 0995Book Appointment >>Contact Details >>

The above numbers and email addresses connect to us, UK Passport Services, not Her Majesty’s Passport Office. You can secure HMPO’s contact details on the Gov.uk resource. We are an unaccredited organization with no government affiliation, accreditation or authority to issue British passports. 

You will not be seen at any Passport Office without an appointment and through the above phone numbers, we can secure you one at any of the 7 Passport Offices as part of our services. We have secured the regional prefixes so that applicants can contact us for the price of a local call. Our services and charges (does not include passport fee) can be avoided by going through Her Majesty’s Passport Office directly.

Need the Appointment Urgently?

The fastest way of renewing your passport is via the Premium 1-Day service. We can help you secure an appointment for a Premium 1-Day service in the Office of your choice. Secure a Same or Next Day Appointment Now >>>

Through our service, you will be assisted through the whole passport application and renewal process. You will receive a range of value-added services from us. However, please be aware that all fees paid to us do not come off the passport fee due to Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO). Need an Urgent Passport Office Appointment? >>>