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Lost or Stolen Passport

Losing a passport, or having it stolen can a very frustrating affair. This document is not just essential for international travel it also acts as a proof of ID that some consumers need to use daily.

Fortunately, His Majesty’s Passport Office does offer a streamline service to (1) report it as lost or stolen and (2) a simple process to easily secure a replacement.

You can report the passport as lost or stolen via the LS01 paper form which you can find online and for free from a local Post Office or you can complete the form on Gov.uk. It is highly recommended that you do this as soon as possible to ensure that no-one else is trying to use your passport to travel for for other illegal means i.e. apply for a credit card in your name.

Filling in the LS01 form is also relatively easy. You do not need to answer every question if you do not have the information i.e. the former passport number. You should however provide as much information as you can especially the information related to when and where it was lost or stolen. If the passport has been stolen you should also report it to the local police.

Once you have completed the LS01 form and submitted it online or posted it off the process cannot be undone. An passport cannot be re-activated once its been cancelled by His Majesty’s Passport Office. Therefore if the last place you saw your passport was your house or office it is highly recommended that you have a thorough look before reporting it as lost.

Lost or Stolen Passport Abroad

If your passport has been lost or stolen abroad then you will need to book an appointment to secure an Emergency Travel Document from your nearest British embassy. This is a temporary passport which will be forfeited once you arrive back in the UK. The embassy will charge a fee of around £95 which will be need paying in the country’s local currency.

Replacing a British Passport

As an independent organisation we can assist you replace your passport via the Standard Application Service or Fast Track 1 Week Service with our third party support.