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Passport Changes

Although your current passport may be valid, certain changes can occur which will require you to renew your passport. These can include if your appearance has significantly changed and it is hard to identify you from your current passport or you have changed your name by marriage, divorce or Deed Poll and you wish to travel under that name.

  • Standard Application Process – When renewing your passport using the standard application process, it typically takes up to 8 weeks from start to finish. This application/renewal service is therefore not ideal for those travelling or likely to travel within the next 2 months.
  • 7-Day Process – This process, referred to as the 1 Week “Fast Track” Service, allows you to renew your passport within seven days of the application being lodged at the Passport Office. In order to renew through this process, however, you must first book an appointment with one of the seven physical Passport Office locations that are located throughout the UK (you can do this directly at gov.uk or via our third party services). If you are unable to attend the appointment an authorized person can attend the appointment on your behalf.
  • 1-Day Premium Process – Using the 1-Day Premium Process a new passport can be printed within 4 hours of the appointment. You can attend the appointment yourself or we can provide an agent to attend the appointment for you, lodge your documents and even wait the 4hrs for the new passport to be printed.

When Should You Change Your Passport?

If your passport has suffered Signiant wear and tear, has been damaged, you look significantly different to your passport photo, you have changed your name or you have less than 6 months validity left on your current passport then we recommend that you renew your passport. You cannot simply update or “change” one element of your passport you need to renew it.

When Is Your Passport Considered Invalid?

Although your passport is technically valid until its actual expiry date, some countries state that travellers should have at least 6 months or more left before their passport is due to expire. Therefore for practical and peace of mind we highly recommend renewing your passport early if it is coming to the end of it’s validity. You can renew via the Post Office, directly with HM Passport Office via Gov.uk or you can take advantage of all three services (Standard, Fast Track and Premium) via our packages and benefit from our optional third party support.