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Terms & Conditions

By using our services you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions that you see when clicking the “I have read, understood and agree to the Terms” when completing our of our online contracts as well as the Terms & Conditions found at http://www.PassportTerms.co.uk It is important to state that due to the personalized nature of our services you are agreeing to forfeit your 14 days cancellation/cooling off rights offered to consumers under the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013.

You also understand that by submitting our online form that you authorize us to begin the service immediately even if payment is not immediately received. As per the consumer act you can cancel for no charge up until the time that begin working on your account and either have the invoice cancelled or a full refund issued. If work has already begun but has not yet been completed then we can issue a partial refund / remove the elements of the package not yet redeemed from the invoice or if all chargeable services have been provided then no refund will be possible or the full amount of the invoice will be due.

We operate in this way as many consumers are travelling soon and need us to act quickly. Should the invoice become over due you may be liable for overdue invoice charges which can be found at: http://charges.britishpassportservices.co.uk. We are not a registered collection agency nor do we have the authority to charge interest on the sum. The additional fees that may be added are administration fee’s charged by our own company UK Services & Support Ltd. Should the account remain in arrears then we also reserve the right to pass on the debt to a registered debt collection agency for collections.

Change Your Communication Preferences

You can opt out of text messages, phone calls, voice broadcast messages and emails by following the instructions at: http://update.britishpassportservices.co.uk

Complaints / Refunds

If you would like to lodge an official complaint or request a refund please complete the form at http://www.PassportDisputes.co.uk so that we can throughly investigate. Whilst all services we provide are non-refundable if is it found that we have breached our contract with you or in violation of any UK or EU consumer or business law we will of course issue a full refund. We cannot address complaints/refund requests via our standard helpline, live chat or the email address as our compliance team works in a difference office. You need to complete the online form at: http://www.PassportDisputes.co.uk or if you would like to speak with agent about this matter simply follow the instructions on http://www.BookPhoneCall.com

Staff Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint about one of our agents please email our compliance manager Mr Adam Strong at: [email protected] Please ensure that you list details of who you spoke to, when you called, the number you dialed and the number that you called from so that we can thoroughly investigate. Please also forward any evidence that you reference such as emails, text messages, call recordings that show our agent misleading you or not behaving in a professional manner. It is also essential that you include your Applicant ID so that we can find your account.