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Passport Prices, Fees & Service Charges

Passport Application & Renewal Services

The passport fee will depend on the type of application you are making, how you apply, and how quickly you want your passport. The fee will also reflect the cost of receiving, recording, and processing your application. The Standard Application & Renewal Service which can began online on the Gov.uk resource or through the Post Office. This process takes at least 3 weeks if its a renewal or at least 6 weeks if it is a first time application. The Fast Track 1 week service can be used for applicants of any. The Premium 1 Day service can only be used by those over 16yrs of age and have held a British passport in the past. With both express services you will need to book an appointment which we can secure for you as part of our services.

It is important to note that Her Majesty’s Passport Office typically cannot refund your fee, if your passport application is not successful, or if it is withdrawn. This is because the Office has already carried out a great deal of work when processing your application. For the most updated information regarding current passport fees call the automated 24-hour passport fee line at 0300 222 1999.

How to Pay for Your Passport

There are several different ways in which you may pay for your passport processing and application fees. Applicants who were born before 2nd September 1929 receive a free passport is using the standard application and renewal process. See the table below for a breakdown. Gov.uk is the only service authorized to take payment for the passport fee along with Her Majesty’s Passport Office being the only accredited provider who can create free Fast Track and Premium Passport Office appointments for applicants.

How you apply.

Debit card or credit card accepted?

Cheque or postal order accepted?

Cash accepted?

Check & Send at a Post Office


Only postal order




Yes – payable to “Her Majesty’s Passport Office

No – do not send cash in the post

In person at a customer service centre


Only postal orders, made payable to Her Majesty’s Passport Office


Her Majesty’s Passport Office

You can apply for a British passport directly with Her Majesty’s Passport Office by using their Gov.uk resource or securing a free passport application form from your local Passport Office thus avoiding our services and charges. You can then apply through the post if you can wait 3-6 weeks for the passport or attend one of their seven Passport Offices nationwide if you require the passport urgently.

When using the post option it is recommend that you use the Special or Recorded Delivery, as the Postal service or the Passport Office can accept responsibility for any applications and other valuable documents that are lost in the post. With the Passport Office’s service you simply need to pay the passport fee. Through the standard 3-6 week service you pay £46 for a child or £72.50 for an adult passport, £87 for an child or £103 for an adult via the Fast Track 1 week Service or £128 for an adult passport if using the Premium 1 Day service. Confused? Need Independent Advice? Call: 0203 600 1984.

UK Passport Services – Online Service

Through this website you can request we book you a Passport Office Appointment or help you start with the Standard Application & Renewal Process online. If you would like to use our services and support then a service fee of £98 + VAT per applicant will apply, this is separate to the passport fee (see above) which will still be due to the Passport Office. You receive access to a range of services not provided by the Gov.uk service including access to our online appointment booking form, access to our Queue Jumping Service and an optional Passport Office Appointment Exemption. Require Assistance? Call: 0203 600 1984.

Check & Send Service – Post Office

You can also apply through your local Post Office. You can either secure the free passport application form and post it directly to Her Majesty’s Passport Office or bring it with you on the day of your appointment or you can use the Post Office’s Check & Send Service which costs £8.75 and includes free Special Delivery to the Passport Office. For this fee they will check all 10 sections of your application form and your two passport photographs to ensure that they are compliant with government regulations. We also provide a document checking service as part of our online service. Need an Appointment Urgently? >>