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Passport Prices, Fees & Service Charges

The passport fee will depend on the type of application you are making, how you apply, and how quickly you want your passport. The fee will also reflect the cost of receiving, recording, and processing your application. The Standard Application & Renewal Service which you can use via the Post Office, directly with His Majesty’s Passport Office via Gov.uk or through this website with our optional third party support is the cheapest albeit slowest way to apply for or renew your British passport. The process takes up to 8 weeks from start to finish.

There is also the Fast Track 1 Week and Premium 1 Day renewal services. See below for HM Passport Office fee’s and our standard admin charge should you require our services…

Passport Fees > Child (£) Adult (£) Our Charge (£) Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport 57.50 88.50 30 87.50
7 Day Passport Service 135.50 166.50 30 165.50
1 Day Passport Service N/A 207.50 30 237.50

It is important to note that HIs Majesty’s Passport Office typically cannot refund your fee, if your passport application is not successful, or if it is withdrawn. This is because the Office has already carried out a great deal of work on your application. You can also secure the latest passport fee information via HM Passport Office’s automated 24-hour passport fee line on: 0300 222 1999.

How to Pay for Your Passport

There are several different ways in which you may pay for your passport processing and application fees depending on the service you are using. The below service are ways to pay for the passport if using the Standard application and renewal service either directly with His Majesty’s Passport Office or via the Post Office.

How you apply.

Debit card or credit card accepted?

Cheque or postal order accepted?

Cash accepted?

Check & Send at a Post Office


Only postal order




Yes – payable to “His Majesty’s Passport Office”

No – do not send cash in the post

In person at a customer service centre


Only postal orders, made payable to “Her Majesty’s Passport Office”


Payment Methods WE Accept

If you choose to use our services then we can take payment online via credit/debit card or you can pay via mobile, internet or online banking and make a bank transfer to our UK account.

You can apply for a British passport directly with Her Majesty’s Passport Office by using their Gov.uk resource or securing a free passport application form from your local Passport Office and avoid our services and charges entirely if you do nor require any of our services and support.

Our Third Party Support

Through this website you can request we book you a Passport Office Appointment or help you start with the Standard Application & Renewal Process online. We provide a wide range of optional third party services and support (details here >) and have a bold refund guarantee whereby if you are not happy with any of our services for any reason simply contact us for a refund.

Check & Send Service – Post Office

Whilst our document and photo checking service is just £10 you can take advantage of the same service via the Post Office for £16 by visiting this link >