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Please choose the speed of which you require a new UK passport. The faster you require it the more expensive the fee. Only those who are 18yrs or older and have had a British passport in the past and have it to hand (not lost or stolen) are eligible for the 1 day Premium Service. If you require it urgently but are not eligible for the Premium Service then you can request the 7 Day Fast Track service instead. The charge you pay online via credit or debit card or using bank transfer includes the cost of the passport and service fee. You will be given the choice of whether you would like to visit the Passport Office yourself or have it lodged and collected on your behalf.

Passport Fees >Child (£)Adult (£)Our Package Fee (£)Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport4975.503079
7 Day Passport Service12214230152
1 Day Passport ServiceN/A17730207

You will need to select two dates that you can attend the Passport Office. Whilst are dates are subject to availability we will do our best to secure you the dates that you request. If these dates are not available then the closest date to your request will be booked instead. If you visit any Passport Office (Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport or Peterborough) without an appointment you will be turned away.  Appointment are always required to use the 1 Week Fast Track or 4hr Premium Service. Questions? Call us: 0203 600 1984 Overseas?: +44203 600 1984.

Since February 2014 only applicants who are over 16yrs of age and have held a UK passport in the past can use the 1 Day Premium Service. Applicants who are under 16yrs of age and have never held a passport before can continue to use the Fast Track 1 Week service however those over 16yrs of age who have never held a UK passport will need to use the Standard Application Process which takes a minimum of 6 weeks in order to receive the passport in the post.

Please also note that the Premium 4hr Service can only be used if the applicant has their old undamaged passport on them. If the old passport has been lost, stolen or damaged then only the Fast Track 1 week or Standard renewal process can be used. Require assistance? Call us on: 0203 600 1984 Overseas?: +44203 600 1984.