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UK Passport Applications & Renewals

There are 3 different services you can use for your passport application. The 4-8 Week service, the Fast-Track 7-Day service and then the Premium 1-Day service. His Majesty’s Passport Office charges will depend of the service you choose which the faster services incurring a higher charge however our third party, per applicant admin fee will remain the same (see table below).

Passport Service Types

Only those who are 16 or older and have had a British passport in the past and have it with them (not lost or stolen, and undamaged) are eligible for the Premium 1-Day Premium Service. If you require it urgently but are not eligible for the Premium Service then you can request the Fast-Track 7-Day service instead. The charge you us pay via credit/ debit card includes the passport fee and our third-party admin fee for our ancillary services (full details>). You can choose which Passport Office you’d like to attend and you will have yes/no choices on our additional services…

Passport Fees > Child (£) Adult (£) Our Charge (£) Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport 57.50 88.50 30 87.50
7 Day Passport Service 135.50 166.50 30 165.50
1 Day Passport Service N/A 207.50 30 237.50

You will need to select 3 dates on which you can attend an appointment at HM Passport Office. Whilst dates are subject to availability, we will do our best to secure you the dates you request. If these dates are not available, then you can instruct us to book the closest date to your request instead. If you visit any HM Passport Office (Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London,  Newport or Peterborough) without an appointment, you will be turned away. An appointment is always required to use the Fast-Track 1-Week or Premium 1-Day Service.

If you do not require our third party support (full range of services here >) then our services and charges can be avoided by going direct to HM Passport Office via gov.uk