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Passport Validity

Although your passport is valid until the date of its expiry, it is important to note that certain countries prefer that you have more than 6 months left on your passport, when entering and leaving their borders. If your passport has less than 6 months of validity left, it is wise to renew your passport as soon as possible. If you are delayed when flying from a country, but do not have the required validity left on your passport, you may not be able to clear customs and may be sent back to the UK.

Will Your Travel Be Restricted?

If you are in the UK and have plenty of time to renew your passport before traveling again, then you may be able to renew by using the Standard Application Process. This typically takes up to 6 weeks. If, however, you are leaving the UK soon and the country you are travelling to requires 3 or 6 months validity on your passport then you will need a much faster service. You should consider applying for the Fast Track 1-week Passport Service which will allow you to receive your passport within 7 days or the 4hr Premium Service which will allow you to receive a new passport the same day that you lodge your application. An adult passport lasts 10yrs from the date that you renew where as a child passport lasts 5yrs.

Should You Renew Your Passport Now?

If you have travel plans for any time within the next 4 weeks or less, it is advisable that you use the Fast Track or Premium service in order to expedite your passport renewal service. This will help to ensure that your passport is ready and available when you are ready by the time you need to travel.

How to Renew Your Passport within 24 Hours

If you need to renew your passport quickly, you have some options. It is not likely that the Standard Option would apply, as this typically takes up to 6 weeks. If you need to obtain your passport in the quickest possible manner, then the Emergency Appointment is the fastest option, allowing you the ability to obtain your new British passport within 4 hours. This will require attending one of the 7 Passport Offices in person, having an Authorized Person attend on your behalf or using our Passport Office Appointment Exemption service where by you simply post your documents, old passport and two photographs to our Head Office and we lodge the application at the Passport Office then 4hrs later when its printed its either hand delivered to you or sent via secure next day signed for delivery.

Passport Lost, Stolen or Expired Abroad?

If you urgently need to travel back to the United Kingdom and your current UK passport has been lost, stolen or is now expired then you will need to secure an Emergency Travel Document. This temporary passport will allow you to return to the UK (coming through a maximum of 5 countries) however will need to be forfeited upon arrival at customs at any UK airport. An Emergency Travel Document can be secured from the British Embassy in the country that you are currently in and can usually be issued the same day. You will need to locate the nearest embassy to you, bring along certain documents, book an appointment and bring along the charge for this ETD which is approximately £95.00 for each travel document required. Call us on: 0203 600 1984 or Overseas: +44203 600 1984 and we can help you through the process.

If you are not able to call UK landlines or if the charge is high from the country you are calling from you can reach our International Freephone Helpline via Skype by calling user ID: ukpassportservices where we will be happy to assist you and even pass on messages to loved ones at no charge if you require us to do so.