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Privacy Policy

By using our service, you expressly agree that we will keep your details on our systems for the purpose of completing the work that you have commissioned us to perform. In addition to this, in order to fulfill the service, it will be necessary to share your details with Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO). HMPO who may, in turn, share your details with other government departments.

We may use cookies so that our system can display you relevant advertisements on other sites. It helps save you time by automatically completing parts of our online forms. Our online contracts make note of the I.P. address of the computer you are using so that we can help validate the identity of those completing our online forms.

How to delete your details from our system?

If you prefer that your details are deleted from our system as soon as the work has been completed and payment received for it then simply text the word REMOVE & your 5 Digit Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (standard rate text service). You can find your applicant ID in the first email we sent after completing the online booking form. Alternatively, visit the page https://www.britishpassportservices.co.uk/communication-preferences.html for instructions on how to secure your Applicant ID.