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How can you track the progress of your passport application?

Are you looking to track your passport application? Once your passport application has been sent in, there are a number of ways for tracking your application. The length of the process itself depends on the services you have chosen. Indeed, the standard service requires 3 to 6 weeks, the Fast-Track service reduces this time to only one week. And finally, the Premium service ensures your passport is available to you within 1 day. Regardless of which service you choose, and of what delivery option you select, you will always be requested to pay a passport fee. This can be paid by debit or credit card, cheque, postal order or (if the payment is not made by post) cash. Please note that this is a non-refundable service fee, even if the application is unsuccessful.

Once we have received your application form…

Once your form and the payment have been received, the process’ duration will depend on the chosen service. The most common option is Check & Send, available at the majority of post offices. Alternatively, you can send in the application by post, through special or recorded delivery. If you choose this method, be sure to use the envelope provided with the application pack. If you have chosen a Premium or Fast-Track service, you will need to go to visit a Passport Office. There are 7 HM Passport Offices in the UK. During this appointment, you will give your application and photos. Bear in mind that bookings are not accepted more than three weeks in advance.

Delivery of British Passport (Standard Application)

Once your application has been processed, your passport will be delivered to your chosen address by courier. You can also collect your new passport directly at HM Passport Office. Usually, these documents will be delivered in hand, and there will be no need for the applicant to provide a signature. If the applicant is not at home when the courier comes around, a calling card will be left explaining how and where to pick up their passport.

Track your Premium 1-Day Service passport application

In the case of a Premium 1-Day service, applicants retrieve their passports from a regional Passport Office after 4hrs of it being lodged at the Passport Office any time during opening hours from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, they can have a third party pick it up for them, provided they bring proof of their identity, a signed statement authorising them to do so, and a signed receipt verifying that the application was accepted.

Track your Application

Each application contains a barcode number. Regardless of which processing and delivery method you choose, you will need to hold on to this number. This number should also be written in the back of the cheque if paying for the passport this way.