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British Passport Status / How to Track

You can track the passport application/renewal that you have sent via us, the Post Office or lodged directly with His Majesty’s Passport Office at any time here >

The online system does take quite a while to update at times and so even if you posted off your documents via next day courier on a Monday it may not be until the following week until the online passport tracking system updates the status of your application to “Documents Received”. This is perfectly normal.

Fast Track Passport Tracking

There is no online system to track the application of a passport which has been lodged via the 1 week Fast Track Service.

If you lodged the application yourself you would have been given an 8-10 digit tracking number at the end of your appointment which is related to your application. If you used our third party services and paid for an agent to attend the applicants appointment on your behalf then you would have been emailed this number.

This is indeed a tracking/reference number related to the applicants passport renewal however it can only be tracked (1) by an His Majesty’s Passport Office agent on the phone (2) they will only be willing to track the application if the 7 day window has expired. You cannot track an application before the end of this period. You can connect with HM Passport Office via phone here >

Passport Service Types

If you have not yet made your passport application/renewal then you can do so by taking advantage of a range of services. You can either lodge your application directly with HM Passport Office via gov.uk or use a third party such as the Post Office or us to assist you for an additional fee (our services, here >). Choose the service which best suits your needs…

Paper Application Tracking

If applying via the PAPER passport application form you will see that at the top of the first page there is a barcode with a long number. It is critical that you make a note of this number so that you can track your application online or over the phone. If you did not save this tracking number then you will need to call HMPO and they will be able to locate the application based on the applicants personal information such as their surname, date of birth, address etc.