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Queue Jumping Service

The Gov.uk website often states that it can take up to 3 weeks to secure a Fast Track 1 Week or Premium 1 Day Service at your nearest Passport Office. This is primarily due to the fact that His Majesty’s Passport Office operates a “first come, first serve” policy on appointments that are allocated. They drop new slots at random times of the day on random days and so you really need to keep monitoring all seven Passport Offices’ calendar or be incredibly lucky to secure an appointment time and date that is ideal for you.

As an independent organization we operate a “needs based” appointment allocation service, whereby those who need a passport urgently pay us a modest fee for our Queue Jumping Service where our agents will monitor the Passport Office calendar throughout the day, every day on the look out for up to 3 ideal dates that you can attend the Passport Office for an appointment.

Furthermore as we have a number of applicants using our optional third party services at the same time we always have a range of active Passport Office appointments at any one time. Being that not all of our applicants are travelling urgently then quite often we are able to shuffle the calendar and so you can use the appointment of another who is not travelling as soon as you are. This obviously requires their consent but it is something that we are routinely offer in a win-win manner for both parties.

As you can imagine, this service has helped many applicants make their flight or holiday and is becoming an increasingly popular part of our service.

Secure an Urgent Passport

The above service can be offered on the Fast Track 1 Week renewal service and the Premium 1 Day Service.

We can assist you secure one of these appointments via our third party services. You can request we Book You An Appointment here >>

Passport Lodging Service

Both of the above services require the applicant or an authorised individual to attend the regional Passport Office in question.

However for a modest fee we can provide an authoried person to attend on behalf of the applicant. They simply need to courier their form, two passport photographs and the old/current passport to our South London office, our agent will then attend the appointment, lodge the application, the agent will then either wait the 4hrs for the new passport or it will be sent to you via a reputable courier. This service of course saves you time, travel and potentially accommodation expenses in travelling to one of the seven Passport Offices yourself.

Refund Guarantee

Whilst we cannot ever guarantee a precise appointment (as all slots are subject to availability) we strive to do our best. However we do offer a refund guarantee on this service. If you do not believe you have received value for money on our Queue Jumping Service then simply email us to receive a full refund.