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Queue Jumping Service

The Gov.uk website states that it can take up to 3 weeks to receive a necessary appointment, for the Fast Track one day, or one week service. The British Passport Services has introduced a Queue Jumping Service, which means applicants who need to travel urgently will receive priority when booking an appointment, over those who are not travelling in the near future.

Whilst the Gov.uk service operates a ‘first come first serve’ rule, we offer a ‘needs based’ policy. We now ask each applicant whether they are travelling soon and whether they can be flexible with the date that they can lodge their application at the office. Those that advise us that they can be flexible and explicitly state that they would be willing to forfeit their current appointment, are subject to give up their appointment to someone who needs it more urgently.


An applicant who uses our service and stresses that they need the passport urgently- whether to travel due to work commitments, an annual holiday, or a family bereavement- will be able to ‘queue jump.’ This means they will be able to take the earlier applicant’s appointment.The earlier applicant will be re-scheduled a new appointment, at a date that is convenient for them.

This service has already helped many applicants make their flight or holiday, and is becoming an increasingly popular part of our service.

You are provided with access to the Queue Jumping Service as part of the £98 + VAT passport package that you pay once you complete our online booking form. You will be allocated with a secure login and password, and will be able to move your appointment forwards or backwards online. This service is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.