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Urgent Passport Renewal Service

If you require an urgent passport then you should use either the Premium 1-Day or Fast Track 7 day renewal which operates from all seven of His Majesty’s Passport Offices. This service allows you to get a passport in as little as 4 hours, from the time your application is accepted by HM Passport Office. We can secure either of these appointments on your behalf. The payment you make to us includes the passport fee due to HM Passport Office and our admin fee for our optional third party support. Payment can be made via Credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Getting an Urgent Passport

In order to obtain your passport via the 1 or 7 day service you will be required to make an appointment with one of His Majesty’s regional Passport Office locations in the UK. There are seven Passport Offices in the United Kingdom these are in Belfast, Glasgow, Durham, London, Liverpool, Newport and Peterborough.

You need to have an appointment to attend any of these offices and take advantage of the Fast Track or Premium Services. If you attend any of these offices without an appointment you will be turned away. We can Book You A Passport Office Appointment as part of one of our packages.

Queue Jumping Service

If we are unable to secure you the requested time and date that you require on our first attempt then you can take advantage of our “Queue Jumping” service whereby our agents (who monitor the calendar throughout the day) will move forward your appointment to an earlier time and date as soon as one appears via a cancellation or someone else changing their appointment.

As an independent organisation we also have a range of clients at any one time. We may therefore be able to encourage a client who has an earlier slot to allow you to use it if they are not travelling urgently and swapping would be of no inconvenience to them. Request this service >>

What If I Can’t Attend the Appointment?

If you are unable to attend the appointment at the local Passport Office, you would typically need to ask a friend or family member to attend the appointment for you however since November 2018 through our Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service our independent organisation can provide an agent to attend on the applicants behalf.

You simply need to courier your passport application form, old passport, two passport size photographs and any supporting documents to our South London Office so that we can lodge the application and if needed collect it and forward it on via secure courier. This service has an additional charge to our standard per applicant admin fee. Save Time with this Service >>