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Urgent Passport Renewal Service

Do you have an urgent passport request? Do you need to get a new or renewed UK passport as soon as possible? You can use the Premium 1-Day service in any of the 7 HM Passport Offices. This service allows you to get a passport in as little as 4 hours, from the time your application is accepted by HM Passport Office. Please complete this form to receive a Premium Appointment in one of the 7 Passport Offices. The payment includes the passport fee to HM Passport Office and our third-party admin fee. You can pay by Credit or debit card, and bank transfer.

You may have a situation where you require a new or renewed passport. But you don’t have 6 weeks, or even 7 days, to wait… In this case, you could to use the Premium 1-Day Service provided by Her Majesty’s Passport Office. This service allows you to obtain your new or renewed passport in 1 day. In some situations, you can get your new passport as quickly as 4 hours after submission. This is only possible if your Premium appointment is before 1:00 pm. This service is available at all seven Passport Offices located in the United Kingdom.

Urgent Passport Premium 1-Day Service

The Premium 1-Day appointment represents a great time saving compared to the regular 6-week and 1-week routes. By using our services, you will be guided through the process and maximize your chances of receiving your passport in due course. We are an independently owned business, and we are not affiliated with any government office. We provide advice and services for passport and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
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Do you need a British Passport within 1 day?

In order to obtain your passport in 1 day, you will be required to make an appointment with one of the 7 physical passport office locations that are located throughout the UK. There are seven Passport Offices in the United Kingdom these are in Belfast, Glasgow, Durham, London, Liverpool, Newport and Peterborough.

You need to secure an appointment at one of these seven offices to use either the Fast Track or Premium Services. If you attend any of these offices without an appointment you will be turned away. We can Book You An Emergency Passport Office Appointment as part of one of our packages.

If we are unable to secure you the requested time and date that you require on the first call to the office that you request an appointment at you will still have access to “Queue Jumping” service whereby you can log in 24hrs a day to view all available appointments that we have for all 7 Passport Offices. Through this tool you will be connected with other applicants who are currently renewing their passport but not travelling urgently and so subject to availability you will be able to move your appointment date closer by exchanging your appointment with another who is not travelling urgently. Start your application >>

What If I Can’t Attend the Appointment?

If you are unable to attend the appointment at the local Passport Office, you would typically need to ask a friend or family member to attend the appointment for you however since January 2014 through our Passport Office Appointment Exemption service you can choose to post your passport application form, old passport, two passport size photographs and any supporting documents to our Head Office where we can lodge the application and send the passport via guaranteed next day delivery once it has been lodged. We provide this service for free as part of our passport package. Start your application >>>