Certain people applying for a passport, particularly a lost or stolen one, do not really have the time or availability to drop by their local Passport Office and pick up their new document. Either because they are working, because they live too far away or for any number of other reasons, these people are simply unable to collect their passport in person, or to send another to collect it for them.

Fortunately for this type of applicant, UK Passport Services offers a 24-hour emergency service, complete with a passport office appointment exemption, which will excuse them from attending a meeting at the passport office and allow them to have their passport collected from and delivered to their home instead.

UK Passport Services guarantees that, should everything be in order and your application accepted by HM Passports Office, you will have your emergency passport delivered to you within 24 hours of contracting our services. Furthermore, our emergency package will give you access to a number of other useful perks, such as free advice on every step of the application or renewal process, ongoing email and text message updates on the progress of the application and a guaranteed same-day appointment to lodge the passport. When added to the money and time saved deriving from not having to take a day off and travel to the Passports Office, it is clear how this package can benefit our clients!

Applying for this package will cost you £98 + VAT, in a total cost of £117.60. Once you have paid this fee and filled out our online form, an agent will come over to your home to pick up your passport, application form, photos and old passports, if you have them. This agent will leave a receipt to confirm he or she has picked up the documents. These will then be taken to the Passports Office and run through their priority processing division. Within 24 hours, another agent will be stopping by to hand you your new passport, without you ever needing to leave the comfort of your home!

As such, our emergency 24-hour passport service can be an excellent option if you are in urgent need of a passport, but for some reason cannot visit your local HM Passports Office.

Richard Howard