Are you ready to visit Disneyland, the “Best Place on Earth”?


We know most of you grew up watching Disney cartoons and dreaming of visiting Disneyland. Let’s talk about “The best place on Earth” for both children and adults. The first park opened 63 years ago in California under the close eyes of Walt Disney. It’s a money-making ecosystem that’s full of statistics and facts. We are going to dig down some of the secrets of Disneyland for you guys to enjoy.

1 – There are only five Disneyland

There are almost one or two on each continent, and the tickets are not cheap. Tickets retail for $95 to $135 and this does not include parking fees, food and special rides.

2 – The facade of the building of “It’s A Small World Ride” is covered completely in real gold.

Disneyland is not a cheap place. It really is a true incarnation of everything we see on the screen. It is done to bring back wonderful childhood memories, which is one of the purest emotions. 

3 – Doritos became popular as Disneyland in the 1960s.

There isn’t a more American snack than Doritos, the famous cheap brand loved by so many people. But what most of them don’t know is that they were created at the park by recycling old tortilla chips. A company saw potential in them and began selling them in packs regionally. Later they gained them more popularity and now it is an international brand loved by millions. We just hope they don’t recycle them anymore.

Balloons Disney Disneyland parade

4 – Disneyland is a true money-making machine

It is designed to attract everyone and make them spend three times more money than they would. With tickets ranging from $95 to $130 for an average visit without mentioning VIP tickets and special packages they offer, they are able to collect around 13.6 billion dollars per year from all of their parks. Aside from the tickets, they also collect millions from selling Mickey Mouse ears, special treats, menu, souvenirs and extra tickets for special rides. And now that they are launching new theme parks, that total will only get bigger.

5 – Obama, who was not yet the president that time, got kicked out of Disneyland for smoking.

Disneyland is that one place where almost everyone wants to go, literally everyone. But, whatever your status may be, the parks have strict rules that you must follow as it does not allow anyone to break the rules and get away with it.

6 – Parents can get drunk at a special club.

If you thought Disneyland was a destination where you could only have princess-themed ice cream and doughnuts, well, you’re wrong. If you want to spend some money, you can wine and dine like a king there,  a real one. For adults, Disneyland has a special club where members can enjoy alcoholic beverages. Yes, you have to be a member of that club and you have to pay a 50,000 dollar yearly fee to keep that membership. Word on the street is, in 2019 the Star Wars-themed cantina will serve alcohol to. Disneyland just got a whole lot better for old people. 

Disneyland park visit passport country

7 – There are Disney themed Airbnb’s close to the parks.

If you are visiting as a tourist on a holiday and need a place to stay, have no fear. There are plenty of Airbnb’s which are designed to make you feel like you’re at Disneyland while you sleep. You can choose from Star Wars Millennium Falcon rooms, Moana rooms, Frozen rooms and of course Disney princess rooms. Know this though, these rooms go from $350 to $615 per night. 

8 – Walt Disney had a private apartment in Main Street Park.

When you’re the boss, you get all the perks and benefits you want. Walt Disney wanted a place to stay while the park was being constructed so he had a special apartment made just for him and his family on the second floor of the Main Street firehouse, private and hidden from the rest of Disneyland. Nobody lives there anymore and the apartment only keeps a dimming light in the memory of Walt Disney. 

9 – The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney in Florida had over 20 million visitors in 2017.

Going to Disneyland is a big deal for anyone, whether they’re from the US or any other country. Some periods are even more crowded than others and with that, even the prices fluctuate. In 2017, the Magic Kingdom from Florida had over 20 million visitors while the one in California had over 17 million visitors. Since it opened, Disneyland had an audience of over 708 million visitors which is more than any other park.

10 – A full VIP experience can cost you more than $350,000.

Another way you can experience a full VIP stay at Disneyland is by opting for the most extravagant offer they have. This means that you have to pay up to $350,000 which is the equivalent of an apartment, a super-luxury sports car or an extra-luxurious holiday. The 5-star experience they have includes the red carpet rolled up just for you, an exclusive VIP tour, entrance to all exclusive clubs and hidden attractions, fine dining, parties or a luxurious accommodation at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel. What they’re offering is a magical experience but only for those who can afford it.

Ready to travel and visit Disneyland?

Let us know in the comments what facts surprised you, and what else we should know about the parks. We hope this article made you curious about it and sparked an interest in visiting.

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