Lost or Stolen Passport – How Do I Get a New UK Passport?

Lost Your Passport Abroad?

Losing a passport, or having it stolen can be a very frustrating affair. Fortunately, the British government does account for a lost or stolen document, allowing British nationals to replace it relatively easily.

You should make an appointment at your local British embassy and request an “Emergency Travel Document” this temporary passport will allow you to return to the UK although it will be forfeited on arrival.

You should also report the loss of the theft of your old passport to the police in the country that you are in.

How Do I Declare a Passport as Lost or Stolen?

You need to complete the LS01 form is also relatively easy.

His Majesty’s Passport Office knows you may not have all of the information such as the date of issue and passport number as it has been lost or stolen but you should complete as much of the information as you can so that the old passport can be cancelled promptly to ensure no one else tries to travel using your identity.

Once a passport has been voided, it cannot be re-activated, even if the applicant happens to find it. Citizens who attempt to use a voided passport, even if it does belong to them, may be held in custody by immigration authorities or the police. If you find a passport, you should always return it to HM Passports Office so that they can safely destroy it.

Whilst it is undeniably aggravating, the loss or theft of a passport is not necessarily a cause for panic. It is relatively easy to secure a replacement using either the Standard Passport Replacement Service or if you need it faster the Fast Track 1 Week Service. Our third party organization can provide optional assistance with both services. Start your application >

Richard Howard