Naples City Break – our top tips for the perfect trip!

Naples is one of the greatest Italian cities. If you are looking for an exciting city break, it might be the place for you. The city is young, fun and trendy and you will discover one of the best cuisines in the world. With both amazing roman and medieval heritage, Naples is vibrant and so picturesque! From there, you could also discover Sorrento, Capri, and Ischia. Exciting, isn’t it?

How to get to Naples?

The quickest and simplest way to get to Naples is the plane. There are many low-cost companies flying to and from Naples. Also, the city center is really close to the airport. You can either take a shuttle or a taxi (£10) and you will discover the folklore of an Italian traffic jam! Vespa scooters, Fiat taxis, and pedestrians share the road in an incredible and cacophonic ballet that worth being seen. If you are already in Rome and are tempted to visit Naples too, you can do so in only 1h15min via train.

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Where to stay in Naples?

Naples is a vibrant city with amazing restaurants and bars. However, hotels are not on par with other international cities like Barcelona or Cannes. There are a few luxurious hotels, but we encourage you to try to live like a local. You will surely find a charming accommodation on Airbnb. It provides the best choice for cheap flats full of character. Try to look for a penthouse apartment with a rooftop terrace. The views on the old town, the sea, and Vesuvio volcano will make it to you for the 5 floors without a lift!

The iconic Capri Island is just 1h from Naples via boat. It is a retreat know of the international jet set and artists. You can spot amazing yachts cruising in Capri. We recommend you to spend the night in Capri. In fact, there are thousands of tourists going to Capri for the day, but almost all of them leave the island before sunset. If you spend the night in Capri, you will discover another face of the island. Discrete, elegant, and fun! You may also want to discover Ischia, the little sister of Capri. Indeed, the island is as beautiful but it is much quieter. Looking for a peaceful island to write the book you have promised yourself you were going to write? Ischia could be a great match for you.

 What to do in Naples?

Your first mission will be to discover Italian cuisine. For example, eat one of the best pizza in the world. Naples is known worldwide for being home of the Pizza Margherita. Let us insist: you need to try it. Our favourite places are the Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo and Starita. You may have to wait, but have a drink in the meantime. It will be worth the wait! Overall, the food in Italy is very good. That is a good reason to try the culinary specialties of the region: fried pizza, seafood pasta, bruschetta, rhum baba. We bet you will bring good memories from the restaurants you visited!

The Roman city of Pompeii is an amazing visit we highly recommend. The city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of the Vesuvio volcano in 79. The ancient city has been preserved as if it was frozen in time by the ashes. It will be a moving experience: you will walk in a city that has been hidden for almost 2 millennials. You can go to Pompeii with the Circumvesuviano train (literally “the train around the Vesuvio”) Little tips: the audioguide is amazing and the visit really worth it. Restaurants in Pompeii are not as nice as in Naples, so we would recommend you to bring your own food.

Our good addresses:
Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo
Pizzeria Starita
Gran Caffe Gambrinus 

Andiamo! Let’s go!

Naples is ideal for a city break: cheap accommodation, amazing food, great visits. Some areas of the cities are not as safe as the rest, like the Spanish Quarter, and we recommend you to keep an eye on your pockets. When you are visiting, travel light and keep it low profile. To be sure you avoid any bad surprise, keep your valuables like your passport in safety. Before you travel, make sure your passport is up to date. If you need to renew your passport, click here to discover our guide > 

Richard Howard