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Premium 1 Day Service

The Premium One Day Service offered by His Majesty’s Passport Office allows you to receive a new passport within as little as 4hrs of the application be lodged at a regional Passport Office. You cannot just turn up at a Passport Office to request this service, an appointment is required. We can secure an appointment for you at one of our seven offices.

You can also save time with Passport Office Appointment Exemption. This means you won’t have to travel to the Passport Office and have to wait four hours to receive you passport. Instead, after filling in the form on our website and sending your documents to our South London office via secure courier our agent will lodge the applicants documents at the Passport Office for you.

The agent will then wait the 4hrs for your passport and send it and any supporting documents you sent us back to you via secure courier. Applicants have the choice to lodge their passport application on there own, or have an Authorized Person attend the appointment with an Authorization Letter.

Whilst this service has a surcharge it saves the applicant the time and travel as well as meaning they do not have to take a day off work to secure their new passport. This service is provided by Passport Advice & Services (us) who are not affiliated with His Majesty’s Passport Office, or the government, nor do we have any ability to issue passports.

As of 1st February 2014 only applicants who are 16 years of age or older and have held a British Passport in the past can use the 1 Day Premium Service. Furthermore this service can only be used by those who have their old/current British passport. The Premium service cannot be used by those who have a lost/stolen/damaged passport.

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