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Fast Track One Week Service

Her Majesty’s Passport Office offers a 1 Week Fast Track Passport Renewal Service. This allows you to receive a new passport within 7 days- rather than having to wait up to 6 weeks for a new passport through the Standard Service. To use this 1 week service, an appointment is required.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office does state via the Gov.uk website, that securing a Fast Track appointment can take up to 3 weeks. British Passport Services can help you book a Fast Track 1 week appointment, at a much quicker rate- typically within just one day. We can secure you an appointment at the Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Peterborough or Newport Passport Offices. All fees paid to us for the package, do not come off the fee for your passport: which is due to the Passport Office on the day of your appointment. Our fees can be avoided by using the service offered by Gov.uk.

The Fast Track 1 week service can be used for a child’s first British passport, or used by those over 16 years of age if they have held a British Passport in the past. If the applicant is not eligible for this express passport route, then the Standard Application & Renewal Process should be used. Require assistance? For live help call: 0203 600 1984 (Overseas? +44203 600 1984)

If you are not able to attend the appointment at the Passport Office, you may qualify for an exemption whereby an authorized person may go to the appointment on your behalf and obtain your passport. An authorized person can be a friend, family member, colleague, or authorized agent who is at least 18 years of age.

We are an independent entity, and we are not government owned. We are not a part of Her Majesty’s Passport Office, nor are we affiliated with any other government or government related agency.