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Fast Track One Week Service

His Majesty’s Passport Office offers a 1 Week Fast Track Passport Renewal Service. This allows you to receive a new passport within 7 days- rather than having to wait up to 8 weeks for a new passport through the Standard Service. To use this 1 week service, an appointment is required.

His Majesty’s Passport Office often states on their Gov.uk website that securing a Fast Track appointment can take up to 3 weeks. Our independent organisation can help you book a Fast Track 1 week appointment at any of the offices in the UK (Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Peterborough and Newport) and via our Queue Jumping Service we can continue to move the appointment date forward as and when cancellations arise.

The Fast Track 1 week service can be used for a child’s first British passport, or used by those over 16 years of age if they have held a British Passport in the past. If the applicant is not eligible for this express passport route, then the Standard Application & Renewal Process should be used.

If you are not able to attend the appointment at the Passport Office, you can use our Passport Lodging service whereby we can send an agent to attend the appointment on your behalf. You can also authorize a friend, family member, colleague to go for you. Once your application has been accepted by the regional office you will receive your passport 7 days later via secure courier.

As part of our third party service we can Book You a Fast Track Appointment > at any of the 7 offices.