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Emergency British Passport Renewal or Replacement

In the past the only way to obtain to renew or replace a British passport in an emergency was to travel to one of the 7 regional Passport Offices in the UK (located in: Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport and Peterborough). However there is an alternative to the applicant needing to attend one of His Majesty’s Passport Office locations in person.

No Need to Travel to a Local Passport Office

By using our third party service we can send an agent to attend the appointment on behalf of the applicant. Meaning no time and travel is needed and you will not need to take a day off work and wait the 4hrs for the new passport to be printed if using the Premium 1 Day Service. Instead, an authorized agent can lodge your documents and if using the Premium Service sent it to you via next day courier meaning you’ll have it by the following morning.

How to Receive Your New Passport Urgently.

These are the 5 steps needed to secure your new passport urgently…

(1) You need to complete the paper passport application form, have two recent passport grade photos of the applicant ready and their old/current passport (if you still have it)

(2) Unless we have agreed to collect the documents from your home/office address you need to send them via reputable courier to our South London office.

(3) Once your documents arrive we will book the next available appointment at the London Passport Office.

(4) Your passport application will then be lodged by an experienced agent with the new passport arriving in the post 7 days later if using the Fast Track 1 week service.

(5) If using the 1 Day Premium Service then our agent will wait the 4hrs needed to print the new passport, collect it and then send it via overnight courier to your home/office address.

How to Request our Passport Lodging Service

You simply need to select the YES option when completing our online form to request that our agent attends the appointment on behalf of the applicant. This optional service incurs a £50 surcharge in addition to our standard admin fee for third party support. You can start the process of Securing a New British Passport Urgently here >