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Emergency 24 Hour British Passport

Do you need a British passport but are not currently able, or available to travel to one of the local offices in person, in order to obtain one? If you take advantage of our services, you may not be required to.

In the past, the only way to obtain a new or renewed British passport in an emergency situation was to travel to one of the 7 physical Passport Office locations that are located in Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport, or Peterborough.

No Need to Travel to a Local Passport Office

By using our services, you may be eligible for an exemption. This means you will no longer be required to actually go to a local office and wait for 4 hours for your new passport to be processed. Instead, an authorized agent will collect the required documents from you, along with your old or expiring passport, and then bring your new passport back to you within 24 hours.

As long as you qualify for this service, British Passport Services can guarantee that you will receive your new passport within 24 hours.

How to Your Passport in 1 Day – Guaranteed

In order to guarantee that you will receive your passport within 24 hours, the following 5 steps must be completed:

1) <This> downloadable passport application form must be completed by you in full.

2) A British Passport Services approved agent will collect the following from you: a completed passport application form, two photographs, your old passport (if applicable), and any additional required documents.

3) A receipt will be provided to you by the British Passport Services approved agent, in order to ensure the safe return of all your documents.

4) Your passport will be lodged at the priority processing division of the British Passport Office.

5) Your passport will be returned to you the following day (within 24 hours) by a British Passport Services approved agent.

How You Can Qualify for this 24-Hour Passport Service

In order to qualify for the 24-hour passport service, you must also be eligible for a British Passport within one day, according to Her Majesty’s Passport Office terms and conditions. If you do not already qualify under these conditions, then you will not be eligible for this particular service. You may however, still qualify for our 7 day passport service.

We are an independent company, and we are not affiliated with Her Majesty’s Passport Service, nor are we affiliated with any other government office or agency.