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His Majesty’s Passport Office & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the services provided by the seven HM Passport Offices throughout the UK. The latest information can be found below…

1 Day & 7 Day Services

Since April 2021 appointments for the Fast Track 1 Week service are being allocated again. We can help you secure one as part our third party support here > However the walk-in Premium 1 Day Service is still not available. If you’d like to use His Majesty’s Passport Offices’ 7 Day Renewal service then you can request we Book You an Urgent Appointment here >>

Standard Applications & Renewals

Applications & Renewals are still being accepted via the Standard Application & Renewal Service which our third party organisation can assist you with for a modest admin charge. This process takes up to 8 weeks & does not require any face to face appointment. You can request this service here >

Passport Questions

If you have any questions regarding the passport application and renewal process, have any issues completing the form, would like assistance declaring a passport lost or stolen then you can applicants can connect with us or His Majesty’s Passport Office Monday to Friday 8am and 8pm or between 9am to 5:30pm on weekends or bank holidays. Phone details here >>

Bereavement / Loss

If you have suffered from the loss of a loved one or incurred any other form of loss during this outbreak, you are 70yrs or older or have a disability then you should contact the regional office directly here >>

Official Health & Travel Advice

The only official source for coronavirus health advice is the NHS website you can find this advice here >>. Foreign Office advice on traveling overseas varies on the country. Details here >