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Booking an Appointment

When Do You Need the Appointment?

As soon as you select one of the below services you will re-directed from this website to an SSL secured websites (https://www.documentsarchive.org.uk) to complete the online form. You are taken to this website for additional security to help ensure that your personal and payment details are not at risk and beyond the reach of online hackers. Your browser will reflect this SSL security with a padlock to the left of the address bar. You will then need to enter your details and the applicants details (if different). The passport fee is due on the day of the appointment via credit/debit card or cash. Cheque cannot be used. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before continuing with our service.

Passport Fees > Child (£) Adult (£) Our Package Fee (£) Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport 46 72.50 48 94
7 Day Passport Service 87 103 98.50 185.50
1 Day Passport Service N/A 128 98.50 226.50

You will need to select two dates that you can attend the Passport Office. Whilst are dates are subject to availability we will do our best to secure you the dates that you request. If these dates are not available then the closest date to your request will be booked instead. If you visit any Passport Office (Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London,  Newport or Peterborough) without an appointment you will be turned away. You need to book an appointment in order to use the 1 Week Fast Track or 4hr Premium Service. We can secure you one as part of our packages or you can avoid our services and charges by securing an appointment via the Gov.uk resource. Questions? Call us: 0203 600 1984 Overseas?: +44203 600 1984.


As of February 2014 only applicants who are over 16yrs of age and have held a UK passport in the past can use the 1 Day Premium Service. Applicants who are under 16yrs of age and have never held a passport before can continue to use the Fast Track 1 Week service however those over 16yrs of age who have never held a UK passport will need to use the Standard Application Process which takes a minimum of 6 weeks in order to receive the passport in the post. Please also note that the Premium 4hr Service can only be used if the appliant has their old undamaged passport on them. If the old passport has been lost, stolen or is damaged then only the Fast Track 1 week or Standard renewal process can be used. Require assistance? For live help call us: 0203 600 1984 Overseas?: +44203 600 1984. Have us Book the Appointment Now >>