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Financial Aid Program 2015

UK Passport Services – Financial Aid Competition

An exciting new travel-writing competition has been launched by UKPS with a first prize award of $500. This competition is open to US and UK students who are invited to submit an essay based on our suggested title.

UK Passport Services are obviously heavily involved in helping people to travel the globe and we would like you to write an engaging and thought-provoking essay based on the suggested title.

Competition details

The suggested essay title is: Different Perceptions – Destinations that are not actually the way you imagined them to be

A good example of this would be the city of Medellin in Colombia. This former cocaine capital is now a tourist-friendly destination and a model metropolis, which is very different to how you might imagine it would be.

We would like you to write about a destination that you may have visited or know about, which is actually very different when you get there, in comparison to pre-conceived and general perceptions about your chosen destination.

Applying for entry

Please complete our online application form here >>>

Finding our winner

Our panel of judges will choose a winner from all the qualifying entries that are submitted and announce who has won a first prize of a financial aid award of $500, on 31st July 2015.

This financial aid award will be credited in accordance with the completion rules shortly after this date.


Please note that ukpassportservices.co.uk will not contact individual applicants regarding their entry unless they have been chosen as the recipient of the award and will not enter into any discussion about any entries received.

Entry Requirements

You must be either a US or UK student.

Potential winners of the competition will be required to supply suitable proof of their identity and age verification upon request.

The winner will also be asked to sign a publicity/liability release form and should also be willing to provide a headshot photograph in high-resolution format such as a JEPG or TIFF file.

Your entry needs to be submitted by the 31st July 2015 and by submitting your article, you are therefore agreeing to the terms of the competition and also confirming your acceptance that ukpassportservices.co.uk can showcase your work. This also means that you will have surrendered or transferred all copyright for the article when you submit your article.

All entries will become the property of ukpassportservices.co.uk and may potentially be published on their website at some point.

Judging policy

The panel of judges appointed by ukpassportservices.co.uk will review each submission and base their final overall score on key aspects such as creativity, originality and grammatical competence.

The aim of the competition is to find an engaging short essay that will interest readers and reward the successful student for their efforts with a financial aid award.